INNO! Friend of the Idea!
Fan of the Innovator!

Inno is the most earnest voice in the Disasters & Emergencies Preparedness Programme in Bangladesh and is the face of grassroots innovations-seeking activities. Inno arrives on the scene with the attitude to make things better. To innovate a more efficient way to get things moving.

With the relentlessness to find the better solution and the resolve to take everyone along!

Inno understands lack of resources and the need to rely on intelligence – one’s own and of others. And what inspires him most certainly is any idea that sets off change.

The power of inno-vative communications!

Young Inno the super excited, drop-everything-for-an-idea whiz kid is the face of the communication directed to the community. Currently, Inno is surely but slowly making his presence felt in Korail. The kids are in a celebratory mood. Inno has caught their imagination.

Young children will be our best ambassadors in Karail. They can mostly read and they become very effective carriers of messages into the home and the neighbourhood. The strategy seems to be working in Korail.

A passerby asks in Bangla: Eta Gaser Inno? (is this the anti-flatulent medicine Eno?) Our painter quips back: Na! Eta Hasher INNO (no. this is the laughter INNO)

Making Inno-Sense!

Parents feel their children are a more advanced species than their own generation. The felicity of the young with devices like the cell phone convince them of this. It is not unusual for parents to project their dreams and aspiration on their children and they live these dreams through them.

This child, already a harbinger of the new and the modern, a symbol of every home's aspirations, presents a unique opportunity in presenting messages with credible appeal.

Thus was born Inno - a friend to those who wish to make things a little better. Those who are discontent and want things to change. Those who are willing to use their minds and are open to new ideas. Those who will build and further make better existing ideas. Those who will improve not just their lives but will contribute to the lives of others.

Inno, the young superhero, celebrates this spirit of making things better. Of the desire to improve. Of innovation.

Young Inno is a friend of children. He comes with a merry twinkle in his eyes, a warm smile on his face and a bright and simple solution to everyday problems. He is ever ready to roll up his sleeves and work alongside others to find solutions to bigger problems. Inno is indeed up to the task at hand always!

Inno is a bright and colourful representation of the ideal of change. Of the better tomorrow. Of why my children go to school. Warm, bubbly, spirited, with the desire to discover a better way, to innovate change, to find a simple solution - that's Inno

Inno as a symbol has the potential to become iconic.

Coming Soon!

The What's your Inno Idea Contest - is now readying for take off in Korail. Where a Child and his father or mother can participate as a team. Propose an idea for improvement. In a specific area, like water storage, for instance.

Inno Gaan

Inno is also featured in a song in Bangla sung by children, who tell us of their amazing friend. You know him! Don’t you?!

"Inno! Inno! Inno! He is our friend, you know!"

Re-imagining child spaces

Child-focused shops in Korail offer opportunities for innovations around nutrition and education, in a space where parents already feel children are safe! The children come to these shops to eat the noodles and watch cartoons and other shows on the TV. These spaces can become Inno-branded spaces. With communication messages on simple giveaways like notebook labels etc.

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